Our school’s sports teams

Craighouse regards physical education and sports as a fundamental aspect of our pupils’ development.
Participation in sports has traditionally held a central place in the school’s activities. 

Under the careful guidance of responsible adults, competitive team sports are an excellent vehicle for cultivating and strengthening the values of honesty, effort and loyalty, as well as developing a sense of fair play and an understanding of teamwork.

The principal team sports at our school are Volleyball and Hockey (girls) and Football and Rugby (boys). Pupils also pupils participate in Athletics and Cross Country running. The school celebrates the accomplishments of students who participate in other sports activities.

Our school’s sports teams enjoy opportunities to travel, play and compete within Chile, Latin America and also the United Kingdom. Craighouse often reciprocates by receiving visiting teams from other national, regional and international schools.

ABSCH Sports Philosophy

Physical education and sports at ABSCH schools contribute to pupils’ overall development. When our pupils participate in sports en masse, the result is not the main objective. Values and fair play are the fundamental pillars that lead to our pupils’ growth and development.

Pupils Should:

  • Enjoy the different sports experiences and make new friends.
  • Take on a commitment with their teammates/schoolmates.
  • Develop values such as respect, solidarity, and honesty.
  • Celebrate victories appropriately and accept defeats with dignity.
  • Accept all of the referee’s decisions without complaining.

Teachers Should:

  • Promote and encourage pupils’ interest in physical activity and sports as an effective way to develop a healthy lifestyle.
  • Develop and strengthen in their pupils all values and character traits implicit in these activities.
  • Contribute to the overall development of our pupils, focusing on physical, emotional and social aspects.

Parents Should:

  • Stimulate their children’s interest in the physical and sports activities organised by the school.
  • Accompany and encourage their children when they participate in sports events, praising and reinforcing fair play, and virtues such as respect, solidarity, and honesty.
  • Understand that the purpose of the game is healthy enjoyment and a reasonable desire to win.
  • Contribute to an atmosphere of respect among players, the referee and the public.

Andrés Moreno

Director of Sports and Physical Education